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Broker Credentials

Chet Wilke, a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, has supported 
his clients and customers with experience since 1979

AmeriStar Real Estate

AmeriStar Media


Chet Wilke and the web let you search properties in Dallas-Fort Worth 
and the rest of North Texas online.

Residential MLS via Realtor.com

Commercial MLS

Area Vibes

Commercial Property Listings

This site is the big one when it comes to finding properties and 
information on buying commercial property.


This site from the Texas Association of Realtors has some consumer tips on buying and selling properties.

A&M Real Estate Research Center

The mission of the Real Estate Center is to conduct real estate related research based on needs of the Texas citizenry and disseminate 
the results and findings.

100 questions when buying a home

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
(HUD) has prepared a detailed guide to buying a house – from determining when you’re really ready to buy, to finding a home, 
finding financing, insurance and much more. It also includes an easy-to-use scorecard for evaluating a piece of property.


TEA school data

Check the Texas Education Agency’s web site for information about schools. You can find out how students perform on standardized tests, district assessments, curriculum and much more

U.S. Census Bureau

This link provides access to Census Bureau data about housing starts, homeownership rates, new homes sales and more.


Find a Home Inspector in your area.

American Society of Home Inspectors

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Find certified air consultants and mold removal specialists.

Black Mold Inspection

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Part 1         Part 2 



The Federal Reserve Board and the Office of Thrift Supervision prepared this information on refinancing your mortgage in response to a request from the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs and in consultation with many other agencies and trade and consumer groups. It is designed to help consumers understand an important aspect of home financing.

HUD’s guide to owning a home

This guide prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides many use aids for the prospective homeowner, including how to calculate how much mortgage you can afford, how to pick a real estate broker and much more.


You can view your credit history online for FREE from this site. Lenders use your score to rate your credit risk.


Get answers to your mortgage questions here.


Online Mapping: MapQuest and MapBlast


Explains Certified Residential Specialists and where you can find this type of realtor.

Moving to an unfamiliar city? 


Order short videos of cities around the country and 
pay just the shipping and handling.


Rent vs. Buy

Chet Wilke host of TXCN "Your Real Estate Advisor" with Tom Gilley and Karen Forsyth debate the pros and cons of renting or buying a home.

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Buyer Representation

Buyers agents Chet Wilke TXCN host of "Your Real Estate Advisor" and Curtis 
Hall review the advantages of working with a Buyers Agent.

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Part 1         Part 2 

Affordable Housing

Henry Cisneros, former HUD Secretary, visits with Chet Wilke TXCN host of "Your Real Estate Advisor" about Affordable housing in Texas.

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  Part 1     Part 2    Part 3 

Foundation Trouble

Foundations and unpredictable structural problems are discussed by the experts
with Chet Wilke TXCN host of "Your Real Estate Advisor".

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Part 1       Part 2 

Credit Myths

National credit bureau and Texas lender explain the credit process and Loan Approval difficulties with Chet Wilke host of TXCN "Your Real Estate

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Part 1     Part 2       Part 3 

Foreclosure Inspections

What to look for when inspecting a foreclosed home is detailed by our inspection
team with Chet Wilke host of TXCN "Your Real Estate Advisor".

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Part 1          Part 2 


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